About Us

About Us

We work in the Arcon Engineering Consultancy Company as an interwoven and experienced work group supported by local governmental and private appropriations under engineering supervision and expertise to provide an ideal level of consulting services related to design, site supervision and project management in line with local and international standards.

Work to achieve sustainable and comprehensive urban development in the cities of the Kingdom, provide a healthier and more sustainable architecture, interact with the local environment, and leave a unique mental image.

Upgrading the profession of architecture and engineering and linking office work with the reality and needs of society and the surrounding environment, provided that this is done within the framework of the comprehensive vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which emphasizes the need to develop and master professional work and use the latest means in all architectural and urban aspects

High efficiency and design and implementation capabilities for various architectural and engineering projects
Preparing general and detailed plans for urban and rural areas, planning and designing cities.
The ability to solve problems, make decisions and develop society by developing solutions based on scientific foundations to address various engineering problems.
Providing good knowledge services with supervision and follow-up of various architectural and urban projects.

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