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About Us

Our company provides the highest level of integrated design services and engineering supervision using the highest standards of design and advanced scientific innovations through a specialized team of engineers in various fields and managing and studying projects through the use of modern engineering design and analysis programs. We aspire to provide our distinguished services to joint public and private sector projects with high technical services and full integration between all engineering specialties through our team work and focus on technical and environmental dimensions when designing projects and mix technical capabilities with the energy of creativity to show buildings distinctive in shape, operational efficiency and economical considerations.

Arkon Engineering Consultants

Our goal is to continue to provide engineering consulting services of outstanding quality and at the same time be very satisfactory to our clients in the engineering field.

Our Services

Our company operates according to a vision to become one of the strongest engineering consulting companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Metal Structures

Works in metal facilities depend on the accuracy of engineering drawings and the necessary calculations taken from the study of loads, areas and dimensions and verifying them so that they can be implemented, followed up and maintained.

Other categoeries of architectural projects

Different categories are involved here including commercial, other residential and hospitality projects, administrative, health, research projects, industrial and other typologies.

Electrical and Mechanical design

We design, Consult, provide and construct systems in relevance to HVAC systems, Sanitation and Storm-water systems, plus the Electrical and IT low-current services all are conforming with nature of activities and the desired comfort environments.


Engineering surveying services involves means, tools and mechanisms of measuring, Scanning, plotting and connecting a certain site to GPS systems.
Services also include:
- Plots and real-states dividing and Merging services.
- Property statements update.
- Real Estate Units Subdivision. - Sukuk Modifying. - Field Surveying. - Existing Building coordinates correction. - Residential Units Subdivision.

Graphic design

We provide various packages options including the commercial identity, Company profile, motion graphic animation, posters and other services.

Issuance If Residential And Commercial Building Permits.

We offer it in an effective and professional manner, whether separately or as part of a service package to meet all the needs of our customers.

Design review

We provide a special service for our customers involving design review of Architectural, Structural and Electromechanical drawings to be compared with international and local codes.

Residential buildings

We create the best space organization system that fits the social, cultural, and environmental comfort.

Interior Design

Our design team is featured by the high ability to design all typologies of interior designs, starting from the very detailed and ancient classic design to the aesthetic and simple modern design. We design all spaces to satisfy client›s tastes and expectations in relevance to lifestyle and functional comfort. We also design office buildings and public facilities buildings that require both of aesthetics functional considerations in the same time.

Urban Design and Planning

This program deals with the critical courses that face human settlements and urban development, it also provides communities with a very thorough bases to work in harmony in both public and private sectors. Urban design and planning form a very on-growing occupational field responding to all of nowadays urban sophistications. This program indicates social and cultural bonds between people, forms and typologies of the built environment and finally administrative, political and fateful dimensions to form urban areas.


We always consider the suitable procedures for life safety and civil defense considerations and accordingly accreditations.

Structural design

the structural design procedure transforms the architectural ideas into structural models with preserving the architectural touch of the design and achieving safety and economic aspects by following the international and local standards and technologies.

Engineering Construction Management

We provide a professional services to projects' owners with an effective management procedures in terms of scheduling, cost, quality control, safety and other activities.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the foundation of digital transformation in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. 

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